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“I am Pastor Jose Efrain Guzman, the general pastor of the El Renacer church.

I want to make this statement about the facts related to the abuse of a minor 10 years ago within the church.

I want to clarify 3 important points,

The first, who we believe may be the teenager involved at that time, has never been a leader of the church. Our leaders have always been adults, and honest people.

Second, this young man and family have not been part of our congregation for more than 9 years. If the report says that he is in a church near children at present time, we urge the authorities to investigate which church this is.

And third, in the present, we want this not to affect the name of our church, the events that have occurred are isolated from the operation and assignment of those who provide help in the church.

We are greatly outraged by this news, and we want to express a deep rejection of the fact that someone so evil has used our church to commit such horrible acts.

We trust in justice on Earth and the justice of God. We are willing to collaborate with the authorities, with whom we contacted immediately for any statement and information about the years in question, and who are in charge of the process.

To the victim, we pray for healing of any and all wounds this cowardly act has caused you. You are brave and your bravery has potentially saved others.

I trust that God will do justice, because God is a God of justice.

May God bless you all.”



The leadership of Iglesia El Renacer and its pastor Jose Efrain Guzman, have been impacted by the news published on Social Media today, Wednesday, November 15, 2023, about the events that occurred, which involve the name of our church.

These events are completely unknown to the official body, who are fully available to collaborate with the authorities and clear the case of impunity before the Law.

We want to clarify, according to the report made by the police, that the family residing in Panorama Hills NW, in those years, left the congregation since 2014.

El Renacer Church will be attentive to help the authorities with the investigation.


El liderazgo de Iglesia El Renacer y su pastor Jose Efrain Guzman, han sido impactados por la noticia publicada en Facebook el día de hoy, Miércoles 15 de Noviembre del 2023, acerca de los hechos ocurridos, que involucran el nombre de nuestra iglesia.

Dichos eventos son completamente desconocidos para el cuerpo oficial, quienes están en total disposición para colaborar con las autoridades y librar el caso de impunidad ante la Ley.

Queremos aclarar, de acuerdo con el reporte hecho por la policía, que la familia residente en Panorama Hills NW, dejaron la congregación desde el año 2014.

La Iglesia El Renacer está presente para ayudar a las autoridades con la investigación.



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